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Free activity voucher for anyone in Bucks

You might have lots of reasons for getting active – maybe you want to get back in shape, relieve stress, socialise or have some time for yourself.

There are over 1500 activities listed across Bucks you can choose from. Whatever your reason, you will be able to find an activity near you and on a day and time that suits you so it can become a part of your routine. Activities include aerobics, gym, swimming, dance, martial arts, badminton, tennis, and yoga just to mention a few.

Choose one or two you’d like to try and download a free trial voucher!

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Choose activity type
  3. Choose the days and times you are free
  4. Choose an activity session and click on claim your voucher

If you need any help in choosing an activity, please email us using the Contact us form.

Starting an activity is a great step to a healthier you! If you want to know more about other small changes you can make towards a healthier you, check out Live Well Stay Well!. It's a free service that has already helped thousands of people in Buckinghamshire. You can choose how much or how little you take up, you don't have to take any action or commit to anything once you have registered but if you are feeling motivated to make some small changes, we can support you to provide the best chance of success. Why not register today?

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